Tony Gerry AutumnGerry has been a builder for the last 40 years. A few years ago he decided he wanted to learn everything he could about ‘Network Marketing’. One of the things that captivated him most about the industry was this: “If one helped enough people get what they want, one would get what he/she wants.” In January 2013 he was introduced to QSciences, a new network marketing company about to launch its ‘flagship’ product – EMPowerplus Q96. He was excited, for several reasons. First of all it was a new company. Second, it had a stellar product touted as the next ‘panacea‘ in the restoration of mental health. And, last but not least, his brother Ron was already using the formula and getting phenomenal results. This inspired Gerry to put his ‘research hat‘ back on and do his due diligence. Eventually, he flew to Calgary to attend a pre-launch meeting and met with Tony Stephan, one of the formulators of EMPowerplus Q96, Daren Hogge, Founder, President and CEO of QSciences, and Autumn Stringam, Tony’s daughter and best-selling author  of ‘A Promise Of Hope’ the astonishing true story of a woman afflicted with Bipolar Disorder and the miraculous treatment that cured her.

The rest, as they say, is history. Gerry knew he had found a home with QSciences. Finally, he had found his life’s purpose. He was going to turn opportunity into obligation and help restore mental, physical, and emotional health in himself, his family, his friends, and anyone who would heed Tony’s simple message – “Just take it and feel better.”

J.Ronald GildartMy passion is, and always has been, to discover the ’cause’ to the phenomena of my own existence. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? These three questions were burnt into my psyche at a very young age, and they’ve certainly kept me busy for the last 50 odd years; and to be honest with you, I don’t feel any closer to an answer now than I was when I first began to ponder these things. Fast forward to the fall of 1997, a few months after my wife and father passed away. I became ill. Over time, and a lot of pills, I was diagnosed with major clinical depression and bipolar disorder type 1 with rapid cycling. Then, in January 2013 I was introduced to EMPowerplus Q96, the stellar formula that propelled me on the road to a remarkable recovery. Now, 6 months later, I no longer take prescription medications and my symptoms have vanished. 

This is why Gerry and I built this site with the help of my son. This is our way to reach out and encourage people to take responsibility for their mental and physical health. Our hope is that people will browse this site and realize just how important these life-changing formulas really are. It is also our hope that people will  take the health pledge and become part of our global petition for a healthier  and happier human race.  - May we all enjoy Peace Profound -