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Both Truehope and EMPowerplusQ96 have been the subject of numerous articles and television segments. And no wonder – the story of how a nutritional supplement came to be developed for mental illnesses and the many personal stories of success are of interest to a great many people. We invite you to take a look at what various newspapers, magazines and television shows have said about this new approach to mental wellness.



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 Going natural Going Natural
By Connie Howard
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 Discover Magazine Vitamin Cure Discover Magazine
Vitamin Cure?
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 Canadian Living Canadian Living Magazine
The Road to Hope
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 Chatelaine Magazine Chatelaine Magazine
My new, ordinary life
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 Daily Herald Tribune Daily Herald Tribune
Breaking the Silence
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 The - Leader Post The Leader-Post
Unconventional Cure
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 Glove and Mail Globe and Mail
A Promise of Hope
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 Please don't label my child Please Don’t Label My Child
by Dr. Scott M. Shannon
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Television Coverage

 Global Edmondton Global Edmonton 
new research and new product
 Dr Bonnie Kaplan Global TV Dr Bonnie Kaplan 
Interview with Global TV
 Autumn Stringham interivew bood TV Autumn Stringam 
Interview with Book TV
 Fox News Fox News 5
Natural Remedy vs. Antidepressants
 Hunter Tylo Life Leisure Hunter Tylo Life & Leisure
Natural Antidepressant
 Heat Beat Global TV Health Beat – Global TV
Truehope on Global Health

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