“You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb…”


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…an invitation to make a difference

The word ‘health’ was derived from the old English word ‘hoelth’, which meant a state of being sound, and was generally used to infer a soundness of the body. Prior to the period of the somewhat enigmatic physician known as Hippocrates (c 460-377 BCE, or more appropriately, from around 5 BCE), health was perceived as a divine gift. He was credited with encouraging a focus on environmental sanitation, personal hygiene and, in particular, balanced diets – “let food be thy medicine; and let thy medicine be food”.

This pledge, which you’re about to take, is a call to responsibility. You realize that to be healthy you must be fully accountable for what you put in your mouth. In view of this, you pledge to:

  •  Re-structure your diet, over time, so that you can benefit from a minimum/optimum regimen. Minimum represents the minimum amount of food you eat, and  optimum means the optimum nutritional value of that food, in other words, the minimum amount of food intake to achieve optimum nutrition.
  • Because you know that most food sources are lacking in essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, that some foods are genetically altered (GMO) and (IRRADIATED), you pledge to complement your diet with the necessary supplementation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and dietary herbs. (see Q96EMPowerplus & Qssentials for complete foundational support)

Read the pledge below, then fill in the pledge form and you will automatically be added to our ‘Global Register’. You can then print the pledge certificate using the ‘Print button’.

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Members of Global Health Pledge

  • Patsy Daigle (New Brunswick)
  • Joshua Gildart (Vancouver)
  • Ronald Gildart (New Brunswick)
  • Gerry Gildart (New Brunswick)
  • Shivaraj Ishaya (New Brunswick)
  • Ulysse Leger (Dieppe, N.B.)
  • Rick Gildart (Calgary, Ab)
  • Dr. John Ransbury (Tobermory Ontario Canada)


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