MANIFESTOboy with life saver

This public proclamation is an invitation to make a difference. The ResQTeam® is driven by a vision. Our mission is to seek out those who recognize that ‘a healthy person’ tends to be happier, more productive, and better equipped to handle  the day-to-day ‘stressors’ that are thrust upon us by an ever-demanding society.

We believe that ‘Global Change’ begins with you. To ‘Restore Yourself’  is to restore what is good with humanity. There is no greater ‘Freedom’ than the freedom from sickness. Your decision to make a difference does have a ‘Global Impact’.  As a healthy person you tend to be happier, therefore you bring more positive energy to your surroundings. As a healthy person you tend to be more productive, therefore you contribute more to the positive economy of your personal business, of your employer’s, as well as to the economic impact of your community. As a healthy person you tend to suffer less negative stress, therefore you are more likely to create a peaceful environment and attract more like-hearted people in your sphere of influence.

All in all, this is an invitation to everyone to assume real responsibility for their health.  If anyone is interested in vibrant health let him or her show the signs by joining our team. The only other alternatives, really, are to fall victim to the vast array of “pills” available at the drugstore, the ‘barbaric therapies aimed at killing deadly cancer cells in your body, at the expense of destroying you in the process, and the surgeon’s “knife”. What will you choose?